Angry eyes burn behind glass
Heavy lids above and below.
Thin threads of black
that compliment the tight thread of her mouth

No love left in those narrowed orbs
Which in earlier days sparked with wry humor
Only pain and fury now.


Any passerby could see the message written there
Anyone with eyes could read the future
Anyone… save the fool upon whom that GLARE was fixed


He raged and ranted and raved while she smoldered.
He berated and belittled while she built her fortress

Escaping within

She never warned him with words
There was no need
There was no room
His words had taken up every inch


But any fool

Any eyes

could see.


Except him
Except his.


So while he waxed philosophic (so astute, so erudite)
Guiding her point by point through the maze of her wrongdoing
She built her fortress

Escaping within

And fixing him with

that GLARE.



When at last her internal escape transitioned
when she finally ripped apart the fabric of his life


He stood alone.




In the desert

In his damnation

In her absence

Through his pain



All he could see
were those eyes GLARING back




And he marveled that he had not seen them before now.





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BLAINE HICKLIN, originally a South Carolina native, moved to New York to find himself. After 20 something years he achieved some measure of success in that endeavor by trapping said self in a job and a one room apartment in Astoria, Queens. He also found a wife (Laurel), 2 small children (James and Amelia) and God along the way. After wrestling this new found identity back to Laurens SC the cheeky bugger slipped away and now Blaine hopes to corner himself somewhere in the pages of rawfiction.com. If you or anyone you know comes into contact with the above mentioned character please do not attempt to apprehend him but instead contact your local authorities.

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