Her quirky profile

poked out

from behind the faces of friends turned obstacles.

(Who is she?  Is she with our group?)

What magical winds had brought her to him

with elfin face and impish smirk?

Outside their little bubble a modernized hymn droned…

Oh for a thousand… Oh for a thousand…


( she looks like the hero in that movie THE DARK CRYSTAL)

Her hair was dark and stringy

bobbed in page style

Nose and mouth swept together in perfect harmony.

Her nose was her prominent feature…

upturned slightly, thrust proudly forward

Its apex a perfect point.

She stopped singing, looked through the bulletin…

Her interest skipping from section to section.

(Is that the tip of her tongue on her upper lip?)

Then, back to the hymn.

…Oh for a thousand… tongues to sing…


His peripheral captured her perfect visage

memorized it in stolen glances

Always aware of the danger

that she might see him staring.

(THE DARK CRYSTAL.  I’m an idiot.)

Her mouth was a thin slash

Higher up on her face than the average mouth?

Her pointed chin set itself apart from a well defined jaw,

Her thin lips crept up slightly on one side

Like she had a secret she wasn’t prepared to share.

And leap you lame for joy…

oh, for a thousand… oh, for a thousand…


There was a chameleon-like quality to her eyes,

Large, sunken, dark with dark circles…

(Does she have trouble sleeping, I wonder?)

And then…

Something mischievous.

Something intriguing,

Something sad?

Stringy bangs pushed back by thin fingers

Her eyes closed as the song took her further from him.

She added her voice to the other voices

blended together in throng.

Look and be saved through faith alone

Be justified by grace.


(Okay, deep breath… Body?)

She was smallish, but not short.

Fine boned.

She wore a loose fitting denim colored dress

Which refused to betray her figure

and a silver hued ring

…on the wrong hand.

Possibly full-ish breasts

Under shoulders held unnaturally stiff

And below,

Escaping the hem of her unrevealing dress

Were shortened calves

ending in knobby feet

shrouded in sandals.

Dear God, who was this goddess?

From whence had she come?

O For a thousand tongues to sing

My dear Redeemer’s praise!


And suddenly, inspiration.

Fingering his pocket

fumbling with the hard case

He groped at it, turned it on its side,

Heard the soft rattle as the container flipped over…

and over…

Heard each pill displaced and rearranged

before it twisted out of his grip

and the small plastic box retreated

further into his pocket,

the clatter dampened by the depths of cloth.

(This is so stupid.  She doesn’t even care that I exist.)

My gracious Master and my God

assist me to proclaim…


Once more, this time decisively

He drew it from the deep pocket

Wrestled briefly with the plastic tab

and poured six? No, seven

of the tiny orange capsules in his palm

He offered one to the person on his right

Popped three in his mouth

Offered some to the obstacles separating THEM.

(No, leave some for her, you….!!)

He fumed at the faux pas

as the worship leader inexplicably revisited earlier stanzas.

Harlots and publicans and thieves…


Harried but undeterred

he carried on with his mission

Silently held out the tiny clear monolith to her

She paused her singing for a moment

Looked at it

Smiled with a quizzical eye

Held out her hand

He gently shook two tablets free

…and their eyes made contact.

She smiled.

Nodded thanks.

The transaction completed, the connection formed, his fever passed

he glanced at the crumpled program in his hand

and sang…

Oh, for a thousand…. Oh, for a thousand…!







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BLAINE HICKLIN, originally a South Carolina native, moved to New York to find himself. After 20 something years he achieved some measure of success in that endeavor by trapping said self in a job and a one room apartment in Astoria, Queens. He also found a wife (Laurel), 2 small children (James and Amelia) and God along the way. After wrestling this new found identity back to Laurens SC the cheeky bugger slipped away and now Blaine hopes to corner himself somewhere in the pages of rawfiction.com. If you or anyone you know comes into contact with the above mentioned character please do not attempt to apprehend him but instead contact your local authorities.

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