Bare feet pounding furiously against the dark pavement,

In an unfriendly world his bearings were shot

His mind firmly fixed on her crestfallen visage

Her knees in the waves and her tearful eyes hot


Such a ridiculous moment, easily avoided

All he really wanted was to look like James Bond

A surgeon would’ve found his instructions confusing

But her expression betrayed she’d most likely been conned


Into marrying a man who downplayed her joy

In service of an image he was desperate to find

She misunderstood my, oh, what does it matter

I only wanted her closer, well, hell, never mind.


The accented voice still stung in his ears –

“Hey people, stop fighting, that guy took your bag!”

The new husband caught not one quick glimpse of his quarry

The new wife resisted the innate urge to nag.


She carefully counted which treasures were missing

The second cruel theft in the space of a week

At the airport they’d made off with her fresh spouse’s passport

His license fell victim to this losing streak


Along with her nighties, her birth control, meds

His cell phone and Gaudi pics, seven whole rolls

They’d filched his prize camcorder, Ray Bans, His iPod

some books, the camera bag – filthy damn trolls


He returned empty handed, which was what she expected

the blame quickly swung from the crooks to her man

her fraught desperation with the medicines missing

Stilled her temptation to place flames before fan.


An hour deposits them safe at the airport

Both happy to leave Barcelona behind

He thinks “maybe one day we’ll go back in future”

While she longs to put all of it out of her mind.

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BLAINE HICKLIN, originally a South Carolina native, moved to New York to find himself. After 20 something years he achieved some measure of success in that endeavor by trapping said self in a job and a one room apartment in Astoria, Queens. He also found a wife (Laurel), 2 small children (James and Amelia) and God along the way. After wrestling this new found identity back to Laurens SC the cheeky bugger slipped away and now Blaine hopes to corner himself somewhere in the pages of rawfiction.com. If you or anyone you know comes into contact with the above mentioned character please do not attempt to apprehend him but instead contact your local authorities.

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