Common questions relating to rawfiction.com

How often are stories updated?

Series are updated once per week (at least)

Stories are updated weekly

PIE are updated irregularly.
(See some PIE you like? Let us know.  The more attention a series gets, the more frequently it will be updated.)

I read an episode yesterday and today it’s a little different. WTF

Good catch, glad you noticed and that’s part of the fun I hope.  This is RAW fiction.  We’re writing this as fast and fearless as we can. We make mistakes. People tell us we made mistakes. We fix the mistakes. Sometimes you don’t even have to tell us we made a mistake, we realize on our own that  we suck and can do better and so we try to suck less.  We fix our mistakes, remove those extra spaces, kick those cliches to the curb and try to get better as writers. Just like this here entry in the fax. I need to edit this to make it more succinct and clear and to the dang ol point.

What are PIE

PIE stands for Pilots Irregulars and Experiments

Pilots are the first episode of a series, usually series that we are working on but aren’t quit ready to publish yet.

Irregulars are usually short stories or maybe very old stories that we’ve kind of abandoned but still have some hope of being revived if there is enough attention. They will occasionally receive updates.

Experiments are just that.  Writing experiments that may or may not become a series.